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Benefits of Giving

Creating a Win-Win For You and Nicholas County


If you’re like many donors, you’ll find that giving through the Nicholas County Community Foundation is the easiest, most advantageous way to achieve your charitable goals.  Here are some of the benefits of giving through the NCCF.


Personal Benefits

  • You can give to a variety of causes and programs you care about while supporting and bettering your own community.
  • If you wish to remain actively involved in the granting process throughout your lifetime, you can choose to set up a donor advised fund.
  • You can create a lasting legacy through your endowed fund which will provide financial support for generations to come.
  • You can also choose to make anonymous contributions.
  • Giving through the Foundation saves donors time and effort. All donor distributions are managed by the Foundation while your charitable fund is gaining interest. Bothersome paper work and IRS reports are handled by the Foundation.
  • The Foundation funds local projects each year and can help focus your giving and make it more effective.
  • Working with the NCCF is likely to more closely align your financial resources with your personal values.


Community Benefits

  • By giving through a local community foundation like the Nicholas County Community Foundation, you are supporting efforts to improve the communities where you live and work.
  • Partnering with the Foundation gains you access to funding opportunities and a base of community knowledge so you can contribute to well-managed organizations that are going to have the most positive impact on your community.
  • Your gifts through and to the NCCF can allow the Foundation to leverage other funding sources and donors thus maximizing the effect of your gift to the community.


Tax Benefits

  • The NCCF is a 501(c)3, public charity which allows your contributions to qualify for the maximum tax deductions allowed for charitable contributions.  Donors can avoid paying capital gains tax and reduce their estate tax liability while supporting local or national nonprofits. Plus, your charitable gift grows tax-free while in your fund. To determine the tax benefits for your particular gift, you should consult your personal tax advisor.
  • The Foundation applies annually to be a participant in the Neighborhood Investment Program.  This provides the NCCF with an allocation of valuable West Virginia Tax Credits.  Tax credits can be used to reduce a donors’ WV tax liability by 50% of the donors’ contribution.  Tax credits are available on a limited basis.  If you would like to learn how to receive tax credits from the NCCF please contact us.

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