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About Your Community Foundation

Our legacy and our future

The Nicholas County Community Foundation is a 501(c)3, public charity, created by and for the people of Nicholas County in 2006. We manage collection of charitable funds created by donations from caring citizens and businesses. This collection of funds is Nicholas County’s permanent endowment whose earnings support a wide variety of causes throughout the county.

The NCCF is a foundation for the community, making grants to community organizations. We are also a foundation created by the community. We are able manage a variety of funds established by individuals, business, families, churches and organizations.

The NCCF works to keep the wealth and assets of our great community here in Nicholas County, forever.

Case Statement

The work of the Nicholas County Community Foundation falls into three basic areas: (1) we raise funds from individuals, families, businesses and groups for all types of local charitable needs; (2) we invest funds for long-term sustainability and prudent growth; and (3) we distribute funds as grants and scholarships according to donor’s wishes and in light of local needs. Our principle aim is to help donors build permanent endowments for the long term support of Nicholas County as a whole. Local needs change over time, and we help donors give gifts today which will remain effective forever.

Mission Statement

Nicholas County Community Foundation connects charitable giving with a permanent source of funds to ease local needs while enriching the community for today and tomorrow.

Vision Statement

The Nicholas County Community Foundation visualizes Nicholas County as a vibrant, compassionate community without walls where all people collaborate to build a prosperous community. The foundation is a leader in the development of this vision by providing expertise and inspiration for community members to participate in local charitable giving as a way to connect their personal values with long-term community impact.

Our Core Values

Our foundation is characterized by a generous and caring spirit. We serve the community for the common good.


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We operate with integrity, forthrightness and credibility.
We are responsible stewards of the community’s funds directing resources with wisdom and compassion while building upon the assets of the community.

We value inclusiveness, diversity and equity.


We will reflect the community’s wishes and best interest, continuing to preserve our heritage and resources for future generations.

We are here for you

Please feel free to call the foundation office with any comments or questions you may have at (304) 872-0202. Our email address is [email protected]. Correspondence including contributions, grant or scholarship applications, should be mailed to the following address:

Nicholas County Community Foundation
PO Box 561
Summersville, West Virginia 26651