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Non-Endowed Agency Funds

A smarter alternative…


Non-Profit organizations can now benefit from the same diversified investments as our endowed funds.  Market fluctuations emphasize the need for diversified, stable and predictable sources of income. Just as you would with your personal investments, it may be wise to consider a “funding mix” to provide stability for your organization. An important part of the mix may be a non-endowed fund with NCCF. This option utilizes a pool of assets that generates income and will to grow over time. Like your personal savings, it can provide a source of additional income each year.

We specialize in managing funds, allowing you to focus on your mission.

A non-endowed fund:

  • Is a non-permanent fund that can be withdrawn at any time but has the advantage of being invested in a diversified, professionally managed portfolio.
  • Provides a resource to your organization for a short or long term period of time and can protect you from future adversity.
  • Delivers a strong message to donors about your fiscal prudence and long-term commitment to your organization. This can attract donors who may currently make modest annual gifts but have the capacity to leave significant bequests or legacy gifts for permanent endowments.
  • We have an experienced and dedicated investment committee reviewing our investments. Our target return provides for: annual grants payouts, foundation support fees, and growth in principal over time.

We have the expertise and assets to make a difference for local nonprofits, our investment management includes:

  • Written investment policies which are strictly observed
  • Long-term investment strategies
  • Strategic asset allocations and diversified investments
  • Rigorous governance structures and processes

In this example the fund started with $20,000, over the course of 5 years this amount grew to over $35,000. This example would also provide over $6,500 in spend over the 5 year period without taking from any of the principal.  Utilizing only a portion of the investment return allows the fund to continue to grow for long term needs but can provide necessary income as well. Organizations will have the ability to not utilize the income each year which will enable to the fund to grow more quickly.

NCCF will require a $10,000 minimum for all funds.

There is so much more we’d like you to know. The NCCF welcomes the opportunity to work with you to explore your giving options. We’d be happy to meet with you (or your professional advisor) to discuss how your gift can build a better future for our community No commitment is required. Contact us at (304) 872-0202 or at [email protected] to learn more.

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