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2019 marked a year of success for the Nicholas County Community Foundation. A consortium of donor funds combined under the umbrella that is the Nicholas County Community Foundation. Now 40 funds strong, our funds are invested with BB&T (now Truist Bank). The Investment Committee, consisting of Ken Altizer, Jim Davis, Steve Ferguson, Rodney LeRose, Mike Perilli and Bruce Tallamy are led by Anita Groves, Investment Committee Chair. This incredibly talented and diverse group are some of the best in Finance that Nicholas County has to offer. We were able to give out over $161,000 in grants and scholarships and including pass-throughs, close to $200,000 back to our community in 2019.

By wisely investing our donor funds, the NCCF is able to provide annual assistance to many local community needs through a competitive grant process, scholarships to a wide range of student types and education, training and support to Non-Profit organizations here in Nicholas County. All of this support is done without dipping into the principal funds that the donors provide, essentially making these “Forever Funds”. Those who are interested in helping or “giving back” to this wonderful community are able to do so through the Nicholas County Community Foundation. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we can provide tax breaks for contributor giving, all the while providing donors the ability to leave a legacy that will last over generations. The donors can be more or less hands on with the donations made from their funds by our wide selection of funds types.

If you would like to give back, but feel that becoming a fundholder is not a viable option for you, we have options for you as well! All of our funds are open to accept donations of any size. Our Fund for Nicholas County provides funds that through the competitive grant process, allow our Grant Committee to objectively decide how the NCCF can support the community’s most pressing needs of the day. Therefore, as the needs of the community change, so does the grant support given by the NCCF. Giving to the Fund for Nicholas County in any amount helps Nicholas County to grow and nurture our community.

In 2019, the NCCF brought in over $780,000 in donations to funds and operational costs. A bequest allowed for the beginning of the Edgar & Eunice Kitchen Fund, which allows for multiple donor directed funds. We owe a special thank you the Kitchens for entrusting us with their last wishes ensuring that their family name live on through philanthropic desires. We also owe a debt of gratitude to now retired attorney, Steve Davis, for helping the Kitchens with their estate planning and bequest process.

Other exciting things also happened in 2019 for the NCCF. The Paul Nettles Tournament is generating enough funds for the allowance of a second scholarship of a graduate student who has been a previous recipient of the Paul Nettles Memorial Scholarship. The NCCF was also awarded some coveted Neighborhood Investment Program state tax credits. Through the NIP credits, Robert and Shauna Shafer began a Build Over Time Donor Advised Fund. Other donations were made to grow current fund holder funds and one was made to the Fund for Nicholas County.

Through the USDA/RCDI grant process, the NCCF was able to provide and attend several educational/training programs. A grant writing class, storytelling class, memberships of several Nicholas County Non-Profit Organizations to the West Virginia Non-Profit Association, Train the Trainer non-profit board governance training and Non-Profit Legal Training were some of the educational offerings of the NCCF through this grant. The NCCF was also able to host Coach Bob Huggins, WVU Men’s Basketball Coach for a dinner for our fund holders, as well as a Free public event right after. Our Executive Director was able to complete several training events, including a how to grow unrestricted funds series. The NCCF also was supported by the USDA grant in revamping the website and the purchase of equipment for a “technology hub”. This equipment is available for use to all Non-Profit Organizations in Nicholas County.

Our Executive Director also won a state-wide Philanthropy WV Staff Leadership Award, which allowed her to gift a $250 mini-grant to a local non-profit of her choice, which was the Nicholas County Youth Soccer League.

All of this positivity and growth could not have been done without the leadership and guidance of our Board President, Robert Shafer. Completing his 2-year officer term as President, Robert has been a beacon of hope and positive change. His leadership has rejuvenated our causes. With Robert and the special talents of all of our volunteer Board Members, the work of the NCCF is speaking for itself. Special thanks to our generous Fundholders, volunteer Board of Directors and Officers, City of Summersville, BB&T, First Energy Foundation, United Bank and USDA Grant for our operational grants, as well as Community Trust Bank for providing our office space. Also, we are thankful for the support of Ferguson accounting, Wayne Young, CPA, Greg Sproles, legal consult, Philanthropy WV, RCDI, WVNPA and Council on Foundations for consult work and expert guidance. Partnering with BB&T on our investing has brought yet another fruitful year!

 This Foundation has become a mainstay here in Nicholas County, serving the community through our mission: the Nicholas County Community Foundation connects charitable giving with a permanent source of funds to ease local needs while enriching the community for today and tomorrow.

As we turn the page to 2020, so will the NCCF, shining and forging ahead into the new year with the momentum of our culture of hope and growth. Join us to “Be the Change”, here in Nicholas County this year.

And so, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Nicholas County Community Foundation, we wish you all be blessed with good health and good fortune this coming year.


Tamara Mullins, Executive Director


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Our Fundholders:

Tallamy Family Fund

Seelinger Family Foundation Fund

Skidmore Scholarship

Antoline Family Fund

Fund for Nicholas County

Perilli Family Fund

Bruce & Pam Ferguson Fund

Bruce & Betty Sigler DA Fund

Stephen & Martha Davis Family Fund

HC White Memorial Scholarship

Fitzwater/Lunter Memorial Scholarship

William & Patricia Bright Fund

Steve & Joy Ferguson Family Fund

WV Friends R Fun Summersville Pediatrics

Christopher Yagel Memorial Scholarship

Paul Nettles Memorial Scholarship

Seelinger Scholarship Fund

Fred and Barbara Reed Expanding Horizons Scholarship

Ivy and Stone Scholarship for the Arts

Bright Employees Fund

Alpha Natural Resources

Summersville Regional Medical Center Fund

Jim & Cathy Justice Family Foundation

Food Pantry Fund

Perilli Legacy Fund

WVFRF Child Development Center – Faltis Fund


Richwood Chamber Fund

Dr. Michael & Marianne Taylor Fund

Non-Endowed Friends R Fun Fund

Summersville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau

Summersville Public Library

Mt. Nebo St. Patricks Day Parade

Jim & Lucille Ferguson Fund

Grant Committee Fund

Walter ‘Lee’ Hornsby Memorial Scholarship

Veteran’s Council Memorial Scholarship Fund

Lavy Family Scholarship Fund

Summersville Arena and Conference Center

Summersville Baptist Church Non-Endowed Fund

Edgar and Eunice Kitchen Fund

Edgar and Eunice Kitchen Scholarship Fund

Shafer Family Fund


Our Board of Directors:


Jay Borrell-President

Jim Davis – Vice President

Steve Ferguson – Treasurer

Kelly Blake – Secretary

Anita Groves

Mary Igo

Barbara LeRose

Michael Perilli

Robert Shafer

Bruce Tallamy

John Mark Walkup

Angela Williams