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Together we grow… This is a simple statement, yet its meaning is much deeper. Small communities like
ours can thrive, if we use the strengths and talents of the community as a team. Together is what will
help us to move forward as a community and society. Together provides strength, hope and possibilities.
Together gives opportunities. Together will allow for people and groups in our community to make
positive and lasting changes by showcasing the strengths and talents of all. Together makes sure that all
in the community are included in the growth. Whether you are a committee volunteer, member of our
Board of Directors, Fund Holder, Donor to the Fund for Nicholas County, Grant Provider, Grant Recipient
or general supporter of the NCCF, all are integral pieces in fostering the continued progress that is
providing the possibilities of tomorrow. This is how the Nicholas County Community Foundation will
continue to help our community grow, TOGETHER.

In 2022, even in the midst of an unsteady and volatile market, the NCCF provided over $240,000 in
support, by way of scholarships to students, grants to organizations, tax help to donors and positive
growth for our funds.

The NCCF, although small, but mighty, has settled into a position in this community to uplift and
support. We may not always be the most noticeable in the actions of non-profit organizations, but we
are there…the quiet support crew backstage making sure that the show can go on.

We interviewed many bright-eyed applicants for scholarships, excited and nervous for what the future
holds. From the interviews, we chose several deserving applicants to receive scholarships for upcoming
fall and spring semesters. In total, we gave over $27,000 in scholarships to support higher learning for
Nicholas County students.

We came out to get to know more of the community and provide education about what the workings of
the NCCF at the Nicholas County Potato Festival.

We convened to review applications and make tough decisions about what grant projects we would
support for the year. Including the Donor Advised, Donor Directed and other Fund Types along with the
Seelinger Family Fund and the Fund for Nicholas County, we were able to fund non-profit organizations
with over $200,000 this year.

We continued to fine tune our craft…brainstorming, planning, receiving education, educating others,
making tough decisions, providing transparency and continuing to challenge ourselves to develop into a
Community Foundation that can be that beacon of hope for all of Nicholas County.

For those scholarship recipients and grant winners for the year, CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are so proud
to support you and will continue to cheer your efforts! For the Fundholders, Donors, Supporters,
Volunteers, Sponsors and Board of Directors… THANK YOU!!! While the NCCF is here to support others,
we need support too. Time and time again, you have stepped in when assistance is needed the most. So
many have given their time, talents and treasure to bring the Nicholas County Community Foundation to
where it is today.

Special donations were made this year in honor of the memory of Members of our Community who we
lost in 2022: Dave Keenan, William Boyle, Margaret Pennington, Tom Dooley, Deanna Altizer, Deborah
Criste and continued donations for the building of the Coach Mark Fleming Fund.
We also honor the memory of all of our other community members, family and friends lost in 2022.
To learn more about the Nicholas County Community Foundation, please visit our website at
www.nccfwv.com, follow us on Facebook, call (304) 872-0202 or email us at [email protected].

Alpha Natural Resources Fund
Steve & Jamie Antoline Family Fund
Bright Employees Fund
William & Patricia Bright Fund
Jim and Jane Davis Family Fund
Steve and Marty Davis Family Fund
Bruce and Pam Ferguson Fund
James and Lucille Ferguson Fund
Steve and Joy Ferguson Family Fund
Food Pantry Fund (Tully Fund)
Mackenzie Logan Gilbert Memorial Fund
Fund for Nicholas County
Eunice and Edgar Kitchen Fund
Rod LeRose II Family Fund
Rodney and Barbara LeRose Community Fund
John Leslie Equipment Company Fund
Donna Mazzei Fund to Benefit Animals
Mount Nebo St. Patrick’s Day Fund
Nicholas County Veteran’s Memorial Fund
Margaret M. Pennington Memorial Scholarship Fund
Michael & Martha Perilli Family Fund
Perilli Family Legacy Fund
Seelinger Family Foundation Fund
Robert and Shauna Shafer Family Fund
Bruce & Betty Sigler Family Fund
Summersville Regional Medical Center Fund
Bruce & Cindy Tallamy Family Fund
Dr. Michael & Marianne Taylor Family Fund
William and Betty Taylor Memorial Fund
WVFRF PW Bright Fund
WV Friends R Fun Faltis Fund
Young Family Fund
Bertha Fitzwater/Mary Lunter Memorial Scholarship
Walter “Lee” Hornsby Memorial Scholarship Fund
Ivy & Stone Council for the Arts Scholarship Fund
Lavy Family Scholarship Fund
Paul Nettles Memorial Scholarship Fund
Fred & Barbara Reed Expanding Horizons Fund
James and Elizabeth Skidmore Scholarship Fund
Seelinger Scholarship Fund
John Gary Tomsho Memorial Scholarship Fund (WVFRF Summersville Pediatrics)
HC White Memorial Scholarship Fund
Chris Yagel Memorial Scholarship Fund
Fred and Anita Groves Fund
Greg and Linda Sproles Family Fund
Eunice and Edgar Kitchen Scholarship Fund
Belinda Luzia McClung Memorial Scholarship Fund
Craigsville Cemetery Fund
Non-Endowed Friends R Fun Fund
Summersville Baptist Church
Summersville Baptist Church-Flexible Spend Fund
Summersville Convention and Visitor’s Bureau
Summersville Public Library

Our Board of Directors:
Jay Borrell-President
Kelly Blake-Vice President
Steve Ferguson-Treasurer
Jim Davis-Secretary
Dewayne Chapman
Anita Groves
Mary Igo
Barbara LeRose
Benjean Rapp
Robert Shafer
Bruce Tallamy
John Mark Walkup
Our Investment Bank:
Our Volunteer Legal Counsel:
Greg Sproles
Council on Foundations

Our Grant Donors:
BB&T Foundation
City of Summersville City Council
FirstEnergy Foundation
United Bank Foundation
Philanthropy WV
WV Neighborhood Investment Program
Our Donated Office Space:
Community Trust Bank
Our Accounting and Tax Services:
Ferguson Accounting
Wayne Young

Our Committee Volunteers:
Meg Ashby
Patty Bright
Nikki Davis
Dr. Tom Dotson
Rodney LeRose
Cindy Tallamy
Heather Tull