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On behalf of the Board of the Directors of the Nicholas County Community Foundation, I am honored to announce our newest of our permanent family of funds. The Belinda “Luzia” McClung Memorial Scholarship Fund was set up many years ago as a Foundation Bequest. A bequest is a request honored through the estate of a person through their Last Will and Testament once they pass. The McClung family set this scholarship up as a memorial legacy to honor their daughter after her untimely passing. This particular scholarship, once you may have already heard of, has been funded annually by Mr. Delmas “Skippy” and Mrs. Trudy McClung on a year by year “pass through” basis. This is an optional process. Skippy and Trudy McClung have now, through their Last Will and Testimonies have left a percentage of their estate for Belinda’s permanent legacy, carried on by the Nicholas County Community Foundation.

This process is philanthropy at its finest. A person can leave a heartfelt legacy once they are gone, not affecting their finances through their lifetime, but providing funding for a cause that the person is passionate about, forever. A small percentage of an estate can provide much needed, often times, life-saving or life-altering support to folks in the community.

If you would like to learn more about this process or further information on the NCCF, please visit our website www.nccfwv.com or contact Tamara Mullins, Executive Director at (304)872-0202 or [email protected].