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NCCF Fund Holder Appreciation Dinner

NCCF Fund Holder Appreciation Dinner that took place on Tuesday April 27th, 2022.

Judy Sjostedt, Executive Director of Parkersburg Area Community Foundation was the keynote speaker

2021 Grant Announcement


On behalf of our Fundholders, the Board of Directors for the Nicholas County Community Foundation is proud to announce the following Grant Recipients for the 2021 NCCF Awards:

American Lung Association
Alzheimer’s Foundation of America
Arthritis Foundation Great Lakes Region
Bread of Life Food Pantry
Brown Oaks
City of Summersville
Craigsville Fire Department
Craigsville Public Library
Faltis Shelter
First Baptist Church of Richwood
Glade Creek Elementary
Kessler’s Cross Lanes VFD
Kitchen Scholarship Fund
Make-A-Wish Greater PA and West Virginia
Manna Meals, Inc
National Multiple Sclerosis Society
NCCF Operations
Nettie Fire Department
New Beginnings Resource Center
Nicholas County Boy Scout Troop 107
Nicholas County Fair, Inc.
Nicholas County Family Resource Network
Nicholas County High School Band Boosters

Nicholas County Youth Foundation-app 1
Nicholas Memorial Golf Course
Nicholas Old Main Foundation
Panther Creek Elementary School
Richwood Fire Department
Richwood Public Library
Sheltered Workshop of Nicholas County, Inc
Smile Train
SOZO Recovery House, Inc.
Summersville Regional Medical Center
Summersville Baptist Church
Summersville Christmas Store
Summersville Elementary School
Summersville Little Bears
Summersville Middle School
Summersville Public Library
Summersville Volunteer Fire Department
Summersville Volunteer Fire Department
Summersville Youth Athletics
Summersville Youth Soccer League
Wilderness Volunteer Fire Department
WVU Children’s Hospital
WVU Foundation

If you would like information on how to start your own fund or give to the Fund for Nicholas County, get in touch: [email protected] or (304)872-0202.




Sitting down with Dr. Tom Dotson on September 9, 2021, he gives a brief reflection of the Seelinger Family and how they remain a big part of Summersville today…

Dr. Dotson narrative:

“I feel compelled to narrate the story of generosity and giving that is unique to Summersville, WV. It involves the Seelinger Family Foundation. I am the lone survivor of the original Seelinger Family Foundation Board of Directors, who is now serving on the Grant Committee of the Nicholas County Community Foundation since the transition of the Family Foundation to the NCCF. There are two generations now who probably have an idea who the Seelinger family was.

Terry Seelinger and Bob Kamm started Terry Eagle Coal Company in the early 1970’s and they were fortunate enough to be a part of the “Coal Boom”. Terry was an extremely hard-working individual who woke at 3 or 4 am and started ordering his supplies at 5am much to supplier’s dismay. He would decide which of 3 offices to visit that day to keep them on their toes.

Mr. Seelinger and I had a unique professional and personal relationship. I spent many days and weeks traveling as his guest hunting and fishing. I accompanied him on trips to western Canada, the Great Lakes and the Florida Keys. Unfortunately, he died very young in 1987.

His personal generosity is not known to many. Mr. Seelinger made a large donation to WVU to with which the School of Medicine was able to establish the Dr. Edmund B. Flink WVUSOM Library. Also, he started the funding of nine different scholarship grants at West Virginia University, which still exist today, including three in Medicine, three in Mining and Engineering and three in the School of Business.

I have been involved in the selection committee for the WVU School of Medicine since 1987 and continue to serve on that committee.

In 1988, Francis Seelinger called me to ask if I would serve on the Board of a Foundation she was starting. The original foundation board gathered at the Greenbrier hotel and hammered out the workings of a charitable foundation in the Seelinger Family name. The original individuals were Francis, daughter Kay Duvall, Accountant Doug Ellis from Charleston and Tom Freeman and Craig Kay who were attorneys involved in Seelinger business. That Sunday afternoon, the foundation was funded and continues today as a part of the NCCF.

A majority of the day was spent with Mrs. Seelinger, listening to her desires of how she wished the charitable donations to be distributed. After deliberation, a mission statement was developed under the direction of Mrs. Seelinger with priority given to education, entertainment and the arts, historical preservation and community beautification. Francis strongly indicated that since Terry made his money in the Summersville area that the primary beneficiaries should be in and around the Summersville area. The Foundation Board met annually at various locations. After reviewing grant applications, money was distributed under the guidance of the original mission statement. Historic preservation was directed primarily to Old Main, since this is the only historic building remaining in Summersville besides the Courthouse. However, sometimes the Brown House receives funding due to historical significance due to social activities directed by the town of Summersville.

Ivy and Stone was the recipient for many years for the portion of the funds to arts and entertainment with min of $10,000 each year. Unfortunately, Ivy and Stone is longer a functional group. This group, which brought theatre, music and entertainment to Summersville dissolved in 2017, leaving behind a scholarship fund within the NCCF.

Education funds were given as annual grant to NCHS, $18,000 given to Pat Matheney to distribute to her staff, then giving a report at end of year as to how money was spent. After Pat retired, this process stopped. Money is now distributed in other ways.

Community beautification is evident all over Summersville, streetlights, sidewalks, Memorial Park Veteran’s projects, swimming pool upgrades, basketball and tennis court updates, 4H buildings, baseball dugouts.

As Mrs. Seelinger approached her final years, the burden of the Seelinger Family Foundation became too much, so she had the Family Foundation money transferred to a public foundation. She heavily considered Greater Kanawha Valley Foundation. Through the efforts of myself and Bill and Patty Bright, Francis was convinced instead to use the NCCF as a repository for the Seelinger Family Foundation funds as a separate category. Francis asked me to represent her in the transfer. I have served since that time. My function is primarily to guide the foundation in the fund distributions according to the primary mission statement that Francis had originally outlined.

As I grow older, I do not believe that there is anyone to assume the role and responsibility as an advocate for Mrs. Seelinger and the Seelinger family in the future. I have certainly given it my best effort over the last many years.

I convinced Kay to donate her house to the Foundation when she moved to Cincinnati. We used these funds for the Seelinger Scholarship Fund. My hope for the future is that someone will take over my function and my role in this endeavor, to continue to represent the interest that the Seelinger Foundation and Mrs. Seelinger specifically outlined at the distribution meetings. I hope that all involved as beneficiaries of these funds appreciate the sacrifice and efforts of this wonderful family and their contributions to the Summersville community.”

On behalf of the Board of the Directors of the Nicholas County Community Foundation, I would like to thank Dr. Dotson for this historical reference, his time invested to the community through his efforts with the Seelinger Family Foundation and the Nicholas County Community Foundation. I also wish to give a special note of thanks to the Seelinger Family and Ms. Kay Duvall for the contributions and support that the family has brought to our community for all these years and for years to come. If you would like to learn more about the Nicholas County Community Foundation, please visit our website at www.nccfwv.com and follow us on Facebook. Tamara Mullins, Executive Director can be reached by email at [email protected] or telephone at (304)872-0202.

Welcome Jim and Jane Davis

The Nicholas County Community Foundation is proud to announce a new member to our family of funds. Welcome, Jim and Jane Davis. The mission of the foundation is to connect charitable giving with a permanent source of funds to ease local needs while enriching the community for today and tomorrow.

From Jim and Jane, “We moved to Summersville in 1984 and have been blessed with great friends, neighbors and opportunities.  We established the Jim and Jane Davis Family Fund with the Nicholas County Community Foundation in 2020. Through the NCCF we will see our fund encourage and support people and projects in Nicholas County for many generations.” 

If you are interested in learning more about starting a fund, contributing to an established fund or volunteering for one of our committees, please contact Tamara Mullins, Executive Director at (304)872-0202, [email protected] or check out our website at www.nccfwv.com. You can also follow us on Facebook!



The Board of Directors for the Nicholas County Community Foundation is honored to welcome the MacKenzie Logan Gilbert Memorial Fund to our family of funds….

Dr. Lewis D. Gilbert, and his wife, Shella have lived in Summersville for nearly 25 years. Dr. Gilbert, the local Oral Surgeon, and his family established the Mackenzie Logan Gilbert Memorial Fund with the Nicholas County Community Foundation in the fondest memory of their daughter, Mackenzie, who was born in 1982 with a seizure disorder and was tragically taken from them at the tender age of 23 in 2005.

Mackenzie struggled with her affliction throughout her life and required oppressive anti-seizure medications to control her disorder. Yet she courageously managed to lead a fairly normal young life and did graduate from Greenbrier East HS in 2000. She also held jobs at her local Sheltered Workshop and happily volunteered at her local Animal Shelter, as she absolutely loved animals, big and small.

For those that got to know her as a child and young adult, Mackenzie was a trooper in life, a kind angelic soul, and loving daughter that we sadly miss daily. Thus, when we established our NCCF fund in her name and memory, we knew she would want us to help our County Adult Sheltered Workshop and of course the County Animal Shelter as well.

Dr. Lewis D. Gilbert


2021 Coach Mark Fleming Memorial Scholarship

Mark Fleming, also known as “Coach Fleming” or “Flemdog” as many of his students affectionately called him, has built his legacy as a teacher and coach in Nicholas County Schools.

After graduating from Glenville State College in 1987, he began substituting and coaching voluntarily in Webster and Nicholas Counties.

A few years later, he began his teaching and coaching career at Summersville Junior High and Nicholas County High School where he taught, coached, mentored, and befriended thousands of students over 30 years.

During his coaching career, Mark has coached track, wrestling, and baseball.  Let’s not forget his all time favorite sprot… football!

The NCCF is honored to administer the Coach Mark Fleming Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship has been offered to all NCHS graduating seniors who play football and have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0. The Foundation is accepting donations for this pass-through scholarship through April 30th. Donations can be sent to NCCF PO Box 561 Summersville, WV 26651.